Are track nuts the same size?

I know Campy have different size axles therefore different sized nuts, but are Formula / Velocity / Suntour all the same size?

Also, are they the same size front and rear?

I need some for some Suntour Sprint hubs and I thought about using some Formula nuts.

I think front is 9mm & rear is 10mm.

Not sure on the tpi of suntour sprint but i remember i found a chart on sheldon a while back, ill try dig it up

edit: Suntour = 10mm x 1mm & 9mm x 1mm according to this Harris Cyclery Bicycle Hub Axles

Here you go: (scroll down)
Harris Cyclery Bicycle Hub Axles

You’re interested in axle diameter and threading.

Formula etc should be 9x1 and 10x1mm (F / R). This should match Shimano / Suntour. Campagnolo and clones and Sovos/Suzue are two other sizes.

sure are dude

but if they’re not, they’re cheap so you’re not wasting any coin.


Off to the bike store now…