are you UN-COOL

do you ever question yourself when you are riding around on your fixie?

do you think that you are not ‘cool’?

do you ever think to yourself; ‘why am i doing this, i cant stop, i have no brakes, i have no gears, my back hurts, im not picking up girls with this bike, im not cool…’?

did you get into riding fixed gears because you thought it was cool because you saw what you thought were cool guys on fixies and you thought ‘Yeah i will ride one of those and be cool like them’ but it just didnt work out?

this thread is for the uncool, who feel awkward and angry at the cool people.

so share; how you feel uncool and why


Dunno about this cool or not-cool stuff. :expressionless:

I’m sexy … just am. And chicks dig me !!!


youre a fuckhead.

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I ride it because of the “zen” feeling, man.