Around Brighton..

Hello everybody i’m new in the Fixie world and this Forum so i thought i would do a little intro of myself :wink:
First time on a Fixie was back in france where i grew up, loved the feeling i couldn’t wait to get one.
Now living Around brighton (melbourne) and having a soma rush I was wondering where should i go to meet people having the same interest in fixed gear bike. Thanks

There are a few group rides that go straight through Brighton every day, however most of the guys are on road bikes, not fixies. If you want a group ride with others who ride fixed, check out this thread:

I work at a bike shop in brighton so you might see me around. I have girly hair and a gold bike. Say hi.

Chez Quis Maitre’d: Let me check the restuarant from him. Could you describe him for me
Sloane: White shirt, sweater vest, devastatingly handsome.

A gold bike that was very poorly locked outside the nova on lygon st last night i might add

true. I realised my mistake on leaving. Thanks for not stealing it Hamish.

the bic pen was poised until I saw whose bike it was

I’m also in the “east brighton” area.
No official ride’s happen here as far as i know… But I do ride into the city mon, tues and wednesday for uni with a mate… thats about as regular as it gets in this area.

otherwise, there are wednesday and thursday night rides… both with elements of fun included.