Around the Bay - 2010 - Werribee Photos (heaps)

Okay, this is my first post in this forum, normally I hang out in the running forums. Anyway, I was taking photos of riders passing through Werribee between 6.40 and 8.50 am. My exact location was here (x marks the spot, so to speak).

There’s around 1400 photos sorted in time order, so if you know roughly your time passing through Werribee you should be able to determine if your photo is there or not. Normally, for running events, I index each photo by bib number but unfortunately, most riders were not displaying bib numbers so bib number search is not possible. The photos can be found here and free to download. Enjoy.



Ha you legend, I remember you!

I appear to be sneering at you; sorry about that.

Why on earth would you take all these photos?

Change of scenery and style. Up until now I’ve been photographing running events and if not photographing running events then I was probably taking part. Oh, and I love messing about with photography.

Sweet, well done by the way, you got a lot of good quality shots.

Now we all know funky_bunch_man has a sweet beard.
Good work, Essaytee.

what are you talking about, that’s him on the left!!??

i thought that was him on the far right, with the sweet grey goatee and jacket that says ‘Fred’?!?

I wish, that chap has a mean goatee