Around the bay 2014 on track bikes

Hi there,

I am want to do the Around The Bay ride this year on my track bike and looking for some people who would also be interested in joining in on this challenging (stupid…) ride

I attempted this a couple of years ago and got severe hip cramps about 180km in so had to flip the wheel to free-wheel the last 30km. This time it would be no brakes and just the fixed wheel, so do or die…

I would just do the Sorrento return ride so i dont have to register, its about 210km so would take a considerable amount of training, none of my friends are keen (stupid enough…) so i thought i’d hit up the forum to see if there is anyone else out there who would be up for this. attempting these things in a group is always easier…

O am keen to meet up with some people looking to do a bit of long distance training either on road or track bikes over winter then take on the 210km ride in October.

cheers, chris :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, why are you doing this on the ATB day, if you’re not going to register?
Beach Road is there the other days of the year - why not just plan it on a random day?

Also, the ferry is open all other days of the year as well. You could easily do the full loop all other days.

maybe for the pleasure of riding through the thumbtacks spread across the road down on the peninsula every ATBIAD

probably to SOAK IN THE ATMOSPHERE, Caz.

the pistols probably didn’t need to rent that barge and float down the thames playing anarchy in the uk on the night of the queen’s jubilee either. there were probably plenty of other days they could’ve rented barges. they could’ve easily done it on a different day.

also, great write up here:

The Sex Pistols’ jubilee boat trip

Fuck, how good are boat trips

I’m with Caz, fuck doin that ride on the actual ATBIAD, uh, day…

Yeh but what are your opinions on boat trips rolu

But were other punk bands also going on barge trips on the same day?

wait, am I taking the analogy to far?

Did the Frankston return last year fixed n/brakes, if I did it again fixed I’d just do it any other day. Get’s too crowded and more people doing unexpected things (like being unable to clip IN and falling over)

I want to do the 250km (but other commitments means I might have to pass) but probably on the roadie and only because it gets my mates out on the bike who usually wouldn’t ride it.

I went on a boat with Rolu once. He put on sunscreen.

Boat trips are rad, just don’t pay the ferry man till he gets you to the other side.

Ferry? Don’t you guys read the news?

pretty sure that tosspot wasn’t invited.

What about this guy?

I sat next to a river with Roland once, that was pretty fun.


some very good points raised here, all of which i didn’t really consider. so i will re-phrase my question.

anyone keen to ride Sorento return (or possibly the whole way round) some time in spring? there may be a boat trip involved which seems pretty popular…

Why would you want to go on a boat?

ignore dayne, boat a good idea. reconsider cycling part.