Around The Bay in a Day

My school teacher is encouraging students to be involved in this challenge, ive decided to come along and thought i might share it with everyone on this forum.

Starts on October 17th registrations must be put in before July 11th if you want your free jersey. Lunch is provided also.

INFO AND LINK here - Bicycle Victoria

Ill be doing the 80km if anyone is interested its a 55$ entry fee, any types of bikes are welcome ill be coming on my fixed. So if anyone is interested ill be happy to make a team if not ill be riding with a mate.

fixed that for you.

Don’t forget your flat bar roadie and bright yellow windbreaker either. Handlebar and/or helmet mounted rear view mirrors optional:)

Before people start knocking it, around the bay in a day is a decent ride. However, if anyone is thinking about doing the full trip, I recommend you get a group together, find someone around Queenscliff who has a boat to take you across instead and split the cost. Paying $155 for a sandwich, gatorade, fugly jersey, and trip across the bay (inclusive of a 1/1.5 hour wait to get on the ferry) is shit.

Rant over

I’ve done it quite a few times a few years ago and wouldn’t mind trying to knock off 200km on my fix but I just don’t think anyone on actually cares.

MAYBE perhaps hasn’t figured out his audience yet.

Eh as fixed members have discussed before, the majority of members enjoy numerous styles of cycling inclusive of fixed. Can’t imagine many peeps would be interested in Maybe’s proposal though…

Is there a way we can ban or stop new members who just sign up to post shit like this it seems to be a lot of it going around. With the 2nd hand chain sale’s and should I change my tyres if I can see the threads this forum really does seem to be going to the dogs.

Extend the no trading access for a month out to not posting new threads as well? Let noobs get a feel for the forum before introducing new topics.

pls see here:

Yeah, my bad, sorry brendan I had read that and this has been done to death.

time to lock this one down perhaps.