Around the Bay

So I’ve booked in for the 250km one and I was planning on doing it fixed. I was reading another thread there were some concerns about it.

I’m still quite new to fixed. Are there any issues that one might run into doing a longer ride on a fixie that you wouldn’t get on a roadie?

Who else is doing it fixed?

Sore tendons, joint pain… i dunno.

I’ll be doing it fixed. Low gear, easy pace. There should be a good little fixed group - make sure you say hi!

Yep, you’ll have to ride faster once all the babes realize you are one of the hardest mofo’s on the ride and will want pieces of you*.

Not proven of course

How much is entry for the 250k?

spud: $125

ndf: I was thinking of swapping from a 42x16 to a 40x18 (which will keep my chain the same length yes?) to make the west gate a little easier and to stop me getting too carried away.

I did the 210 last year on my roadie without much effort but I find gears tend to prevent big hills from getting lodged in your memory. There’s the west gate and that big hill going in to Frankston but are there any others worth mentioning? What’s the other 40k of the 250 like?
I can’t find an elevation profile. I’m not overly concerned, I just want to make sure I’m prepared. I’ve only done about 90km on my fixie before.

40:18 is around 60 inches. I reckon that’s pretty short for such a long distance.

I’ve ridden over the westgate before and it’s much less of a climb than it looks. I’d probably go more like 42-44:18.

44:18 - Gear ratio of champions

46:18 69" supposedly what oppi won PBP on (when it was a race)

44:16 gear of kings?

Yes, your chain can stay the same length and the rear wheel should be in the same position, give or take a mm or two.


Ok thanks. It’s probably worth trying it out first then. Is there an easy way to calculate the speed at a certain number of revs (90-110rpm)? (700x23, 165mm cranks)

des: thanks

You can get a free app that does it from Machine Head.

The crank length makes no difference to your speed.

On 40:18, 100rpm is about 28km/h. On 42:16 100rpm is about 33km/h.

haha oops. that’s totally logical now that i think about it. we’re not calculating inches after all =D

28kmh will be more than adequate. I’d say the guys I’m riding with will average low-20s over the course of the day.

Crank length doesn’t make a difference to gear inches either :slight_smile:

Gear inches is just the distance the bike travels per rotation of the crank. The length of the crank arms doesn’t change that. Have a look at Sheldon’s gain ratio - crank arms have an effect on that.

Wouldn’t that be the same thing?

On a direct drive wheel, one rotation of the cranks = one rotation of the wheel = the diameter of the wheel = the distance travelled?

Maths never was my bag, I’m probably missing something obvious.


The gear ratio has an effect on the distance traveled after one crank rotation, I think Nick is trying to say yes?

Golf clap, who knew two letters could be so snarky!

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Dudes … just ride your bikes OK?

Pedal … Go forward … Pedal … Have fun … It’s that simple … don’t need no fricking Math for that.


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OK I get it. Diameter, not circumference stupid!