This is mine guys, bid away hipsters…

fyi this wheel is not carbon, you may want to remove it from the ad incase someone decides to get nasty.

What are they made of then, everything I have read is that they are a carbon/ resin composite

Aerospokes, I’m fairly certain, are cnc machined Aluminium.

Nuh ahh - they’re made of happiness and sunshine! and totally vegan friendly!

Pretty sure they’re an aluminum rim with carbon spokes - the hubs are greased with hipster tears…

Is that why mine isn’t spinning that well, I haven’t been around enough teary hipsters?

Anyway, google tells me…

Aerospoke wheels are made of a carbon composite material, not carbon fiber. It’s carbon, but not woven. It’s mixed with glue and made in a mold, like plastic. Basically, it’s like plastic.

Yep they are carbon composite.

They also have a Velocity Aerohead (aluminium) rim embedded, for holding onto the tire & providing a braking surface.

As far as I’m aware they are the deepest rim available with a braking surface, happy to be proved wrong though…

This has a carbon/ceramic braking surface and is a little bit deeper than a Aerospoke.

even a standard deep v would be ‘deeper’ than an aerospoke

Nah, my Aerospoke is deeper than my Deep V.

couldnt be much difference though :wink:

sold for 355