Arrow Porteur / Citybike

Finally finished. (Except for chopping the struts down to lower the basket over the wheel.)


“Arrow” road frame, built for Pedal Pushers (Steve Hogg) in Sydney, brazed by Kerry Hopkins (serial #KH100). Reynolds 753 tubing and Everest webbed lugs.

Rebuilt as a porteur style shopping bike with a Wald #137 basket & Rivendell Sackville bag, Velo Orange Porteur bars / seatpost, Velocity Razor rims laced to White Industries ENO / MI5 hubs & 16T freewheel. Dia Compe guidonnet levers, cateye cloth tape, Brooks B17, Sugino Super Mighty cranks.

This bike, i can only assume, is in it to win it. Excellent.

Tastefully done.
My envy is the shade of your frame!

amazing detail on this bike! loving the front basket

nice, got any more info on Arrow bikes?? Are they all Kerry Hopkins? Made in Syd??

No, they’re not all Kerry’s, you can contact Steve Hogg via their website, he may have records on your one. Mine was one of 4 built with Everest lugs & 753 tubes. It was built by either Keith Brown (most of them) or Kerry Hopkins, for a guy named Brad.

That bar & lever combo looks fantastic: form and function.

Hey Blakey it looks fantastic! Does the steel fork have attachment points for the basket?

Nope, there are no eyelets on the frame except for bottle cages.

The rack struts have M5 and axle sized holes, it’s held in place at the dropouts by the QR.

Rated to be able to hold a slab?

Optimistic. Get a VO Porteur, Pass’n’Stow, CETMA for that sort of load, but your steering geometry better be up to it.

Sixpack & food however, no probs.

Mark b: The levers are more form than function, there’s a lot of slop in the pivot. That said, they work and allow you to hold the bar in multiple positions and still brake, without the lever/mount getting in your way.

Very cool, looks like a comfortabel ride

After taking my girlfriends step-through for a spin im keen to build up a ‘relaxed’ bike similar to this, the track frame just doesn’t cut if for those lazy sunday arvo rides

very nice :wink: extra points for fitting a nice bell !!!

Any adverse effects when carrying a load?

Steering slows down, quick direction changes aren’t as easy. There’s some sway in the mount, not surprising given the flat stays, so a fast wrench on the bars will have the loaded basket moving out of sync. Lowering it will help, as would stiffening up the stays (which would degrade shock absorption by the fork though) by replacing them with tubular Cr-Mo.

I’ve put ~4-5kg in it so far, I wouldn’t want to put much more in there given the way the handling changes.

Very nice build. Nice work!

Such a beautiful frame and I like the crankset too. It’s providing some nice inspiration for a bike in the garage that’s in need of some tlc.

Effin hot!

Such a nice shade of green. Digging the Wald.

My cetma just cleared sydney customs!

Sounds like a candidate fork swapping and experiments :smiley:

Looks really nice. The bar angle, cotton wrap and guidonet levers all work well. I can’t help but think you’ll be fiddling with the front load position and it’s always going to be tricky given the style of the frame.


I need to dig out the shot of my friend carrying 2 (giggling) ladies on his bilenky cargo bike.

Best way to get from bar-to-bar according to them :smiley: