art supplies melbourne

In Melbourne this weekend for the Wreckers Yard finals and won’t have time to pick up any markers in Adelaide, anyone know of any places in Melbourne city that stock Uni Posca or On the Run markers near the city centre?

Last time I got them from “This Is It” but I doubt I’ll be able to make it there this time.
Most newsagents stock Poscas but I don’t really want to wander the city looking for somewhere.

An art or graf store would be preferable as I may need some cans of paint/stickers as well.

p.s. anyone else going to the finals?

try here?

Stores | Deans Art

edit - i should probably mention i have no idea what any of those products actually are!! but they have a phone number…

Cheers dude, I’ll give em’ a call.

I thought writers stole their stuff from hardware stores?

Nar that’s only graf writers from the southern suburbs of adelaide.

Melbourne Artist Supplies, in Little lonsdale street

I think Eckersley’s in the city is best for graph supplies and various markers. Melbourne artist supplies don’t even stock spray paint anymore!?

Since when? i was in there a couple of weeks ago and they had spray paint upstairs.

there is a hip hop store in richmond that would have markers…

maybe giant in north melb too

villain in QV or on sydney road there is also giant but that could be harder to get to then villain because its out of the city.