Asian countries.

Ok so we’re going overseas soon and have to fly out through one of these countries. Which one’s the best to spend a couple of days in? Not riding, just visiting.

[li]South Korea[/li][li]Vietnam[/li][li]Taiwan[/li][li]Japan[/li][li]China[/li][/ul]

Looks like the abundance of NJS parts is beating the availability of drugs and ladyboys !

‘the Nam’ all the way. Cheap, cheap and cheap. Tiger Beer on the beach whilst looking over the South China sea, eating fresh crab and prawns (which was cheap). The locals are not tourist obsessed yet (they are in Ho Chi Minh city though) toured up the coast of Vietnam to Hanoi. Easy to get to Cambodia and Laos. Been to South Korea (fucking cold in winter) & Japan (fucking expensive) as well, but Vietnam wins hands down.

im off to japan in 3 weeks

i love japan

this will be the 2nd time in as many years!

The Boss and I are off to 'Nam this Monday. First time OS for me so I’m mega pumped!

Doesn’t answer the question at all…but…yeah I’d go for a cheaper country for sure.

Went to Jap at the start of the year. Snowboardings awesome!
You’ll probably be sitting somewere in tokyo or nagasaki. Both are HUGE and pretty cool. It’s not at all expensive. You just need to know where to go and know how to barter.


I am in China right now. The north is cold and the south is hot. I am in the hot part.
I would not suggest China, there are some amazing things but they are few and far between. I also think the culture might not be to everyones liking (depending on where you go of course) I would actually suggest Taiwan as that is where I want to travel.

Keep us posted!


Off to Japan in 2 weeks. Good for a quick 4 day stop over. Eat, eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink, drink and shop, shop, shop, shop. Then back on the plane like it never happened. :wink:

Dollar sucks at the moment for the serious mayhem though. :x

heading there in 2 weeks for a holiday, been 2.5yrs since last time.
cant wait. second home.

Hang on, when will you be there NHD? I’m there 20th -> 24th.

ill be in tokyo 22nd.


at the rate our exchange rate is going, vietnam is a better option
they also sweet as tailors thatll make u anything for the price of a slab, and dont forget the dvd’s

Spud do yourself a favour and head to Vietnam. The people ans sights here are amazing.
1Ltr of local bear = 5000 dong (equivilent to about AU50cents)
Bowl of noodles with chicken = 1000dong (you can work it out!)

Do it!

Wow, i love bear

Beer may be cheap in the land of the kong but you can get a bottle of 25% soju for about a dollar in Korea. ANd at this time of year you can leave it outside the window to get nice and chilly

I’ve spent a bit of time in Japan, Korea and China and prob rate Korea the highest. The people are all super helpful and have a lot good english which makes it easy. Having said that its quite western and Japan has probably got more to see.

And as Blake said China is huge, but a couple of days in Shanghai would be awesome

have a lot good english

Are you Korean?

I have heard that there are Koran framebuilders who have trained with the big Japanese guys who make nice, similar track bikes. Could be fun trying to find some of this stuff, and I’m guessing if you do find it in Korea it’d be heaps cheaper than in Japan.

i have to say japan, for a day, a week, a month, whatever. if youre in tokyo for a little while, get to nikko for old buildings and nature, kichijoji for park fun and beautiful town in a city, and then pick any yamanote stop for big city fun. tokyo is fucking massive and there is endless fun to be had there.

seoul is not. i hate to say it, but seoul is one dissapointment after another. if you come here though, i’ll show you the bits that i like. taipei is bloody great for a day and i’m sure it wouldnt take long to find some carbon moulds pumping stuff out if that floats your boat. the food there is unreal, maybe the best.

japan isnt that expensive, nothing at all like vietnam, but its a different kind of place. food is cheap, $7 gets you a good meal, beer is cheaper than oz, smokes are bloody cheap. train trips can add up though, and if you are there for a while, you should get a japan rail pass and get bullet train access for next to nothing.

oh, and the builder in korea that trained with and has access to nagasawa stuff builds bikes for corex. i met a dude the other day with a columbus “foco keirin” frame with nagasawa socket tips. very nice looking bike. unfortunately, theyre bloody expensive here too.

Korean Fixed shop

They gots some nice frames lyin about