ask mr b

So, my blog now has a help column. post questions here and i’ll throw them up, or email them to me.

the new timer: Ask Mr B.

Dear Mr B

I need some advice on how to do a wheelie. When I ‘pop it up’ I either fall to one side or fall back down quickly. One of my roadie friends even called me Mark Webber on account of my pathetic skills.

Webber Wheelie

Dear Mr B,

What seatpost should Horatio buy?

Long time lurker


yes, this is a cheap way of increasing blog hits.


Did you? I can’t remember what you suggested

gratuitous mention of you getting your shirt off.

‘3rd in Roobaix’.


Is spirito™® really God disguised as a wog??

oh, i remember when that used to mean something…

i can’t repeat this question due to falling on the wrong side of the “if you are one you’re allowed to say it” rule.

Oy vey !!!

Dear Mr Brendan:

Can I call you Brendo? It’d be pretty sweet.
Also, Would you like to come hit up lysterfield when shit opens up again?

dear mr b

can i get a toot toot?

Dear Mr B,

I’m thinking of getting a bicycle tattoo, what should I get?

  • Impressionable Youth

The answer to that question is always, this one:

stop stealing my joke ideas!

dear mr b,

what’s with those work tools tattooed on your arm? you’re not a tradie. is it some kind of pinko proletariat thing or wot?

yours sincerely,

Curious JAMS

i like that. i’d also have accepted ‘can i get a beep beep’?