Ask Mr_Dylan.

Perhaps not as helpful as the ‘ask mr B’ thing Brendan did a while ago, where we all learnt that he likes to call himself ‘brenno’ when addressing himself in the mirror, but helpful none the less.
Ask me some things.
Wjwat or whatever (sexy Will) suggested it.
Ask whatever you please, but nothing overly personal, I don’t wanna have to go into detail about the size of my man-parts or anything. Ask more about life related stuff, or bike related things. Opinions, or facts, shall be delivered (provided the question is decent!).
I won’t be picky though.
Bring forth your questions, and I shall bring enlightenment!

Also if this thread becomes crapola instantly then I’m turning it into another celebrity appreciation thread.

Q: Did that vibrating cockring really provide any extra enjoyment for your partner or yourself?

Mr D,
am I a smug sandbelt wanker if I think this is funny?


^^^ similar to the mt druitt edition!

why do labradors always look so sleepy?

Not mine. She is half Kelpie though.

Mr_Dylan, should I pay a bike shop to install brakes, a chain and a gear cable or should I spend that money on some cable cutters?

If the Wicked Witch of the West melts in water… how did she ever bathe?

If a man who hates women is called a mysoginist what is a woman who hates men called?

Half lab, half kelpie? - That dog must be so conflicted. I wanna run, no I wanna sleep, actually I need to round something up, no actually I’m hungry, but I can’t eat because I want to run, but I’m tired… argh!

The JAMS: You bet your beard it did.

Captain Commuter: you are a smug sandbelt wanker, though I too find it funny, as I am not from Frankston.
Interestingly, last Friday I got stooges hard by a ‘disabled’ guy who wanted a push through the frankston shops. I ghostued him when we got to the other side. Fuck him and his beard.
There is sone crazy plump girl eye candy there though sometimes, hmmmmm mmmmmmm.

Mckenny: Labradors are our leaders. Plotting pain. Be wary.
Jln: why do you need brakes?

That’s her! She’ll be passed out exhausted, but then see me cutting up food and want some, then go chase some birds then collapse aain, in about a minute.

Mr_Dylan: it’s a geared bike. No sweet fixay.

Aaron: have you not seen Wicked? I have. Shh… Don’t tell anyone.


dear Mr Dylan,
how does solar energy work?

JLN: buy cable cutters, and DIY. Always do stuff for/with/to yourself, that way you can do it again! Unless you’re servicing hydraulic disc brakes or suspension. Never do that shit.

Azz: I too have seen wicked (and loved it). You could go with that theory, OR you could wonder, ‘if I were a green bitch that nobody liked, and my only friends were monkeys with wings, should I shower, or be more like the monkeys?’ I’m gonna just stank up a bit, become closer to my more sexual animal side. Sweaty, green, smelly and sexy.
Either that or she used that dry shampoo you put on dogs.

Dear Dylan,

My girlfriend said I must cut my long and luscious beard. I don’t want too.
Is there a way to keep both my chin folicles and her happy?


who’s better:
Corey Haim or Corey Feldman?

How can I use my jawline in assisting me to snag Mckenny?

this one’s ripe for a filthy reply.

i set em up, you…etc etc.

I’m obv not Dylan and shan’t answer for him, but when you die you usually take on the status of ‘Legend’…