assos gear

can anyone who owns assos bibs let me know how they fit? are they on the small side large side or about normal side.

yours in christ,


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I am a pretty big chap 6’6" and 110kg and I have a set of 2XL assos knicks, slightly on the tight side standing up but they are cut to feel natural when you are op the bike.

cool. i’m normally a medium. my champsy’s are good, if a tad short. may go for large and move to a donut only diet until they fit.

I have a pair of 3/4 bibs- their sizing is weird. def on the small size though. I don’t wear them much because they make me think of the Assos man, which creeps me out.

Assos man? Tell me more.

Mine are 3/4 as well, bought them after going to France earlier this year and seeing heaps. Perfect for a Queenslander who has never adjusted to a melbourne climate

the three quarter length ones are tight around the calves. and i’m not just saying that because i have gigantic calves. even nath used to have to cut the elastic at the bottom.

other than that, i agree with hamish. like i usually do. aside from his opinions on minor threat, which are crazy!

I find the standard length bib hems to be a bit lose round the quads, but maybe I should just do more squats or something.

I tried them on and based on the Assos sizing chart I should have been a 2xl but went with a medium, I’m 6’3 and 87kg.
Anywhere you can try them on? Also the Mille were an even looser fit than the f.13…

I know this is in regard for bibs. But my gf bought me an assos jacket. It was sooo tight. I swapped it for a larger but it’s still snug. An XL is waaay smaller than a L BMC jacket I have.

large it is. i hardly have tree-trunk thighs but have put on a little bit of muscle over the last month or two.

thanks all.

I also had to go the L in the jersey…

that’s cause you’re a fuckin MAN MOUNTAIN!


Interpret that how you will.

Trigger will tell you to buy Rapha instead.

No I won’t, I want less people in Rapha so I can feel more unique and special.

Wanted the Cross jersey and knicks, but after seeing the supercommuter in full kit this morning i’m going to pass.


I’m fine w Minor Threat, you’re confusing that with my outspoken opinions on Fugazi. Don’t get me started on other folks from that era