asymmetric stays landshark

Landshark Track Frame 57 cm Handbuilt Fillet Brazed Steel Carbon Fork King | eBay

interesting i guess, but can’t say i’m a fan.

Sweet, paint is so so for a LS

PS No more steel frames from Mr Slawta so these will become more collectible than they already are in the coming years I’d say, maybe not in Aus but Stateside yes.

Wow. That’s beautiful.

Just googling Landshark and came across this…

Land Shark Track Shark on velospace, the place for bikes

Harrison Ford’s son Willard had a Landshark track. Apparently he’s really into bikes.

this was relisted was 900

my local LBS in brooklyn (absolute legend - highly recommended if in NYC), had one of these custom made for him. awful font though.

I reckon that paint is alright - its still as quirky as you’d expect for a Landshark. And it seems in pretty damn good nick too. You could certainly do a lot worse for the money.

I gotta say its nice to see a steel track bike with a reasonable amount of headtube on it - looks like it was made to be ridden not hung on a wall or posted on pedalroom. Sure it won’t be to everyone’s taste but you happily could run your long slammed stem and not have to call the physio the next day.

The only flaw is the bottle cage bosses

Winter trainer or laps of HSV? I could deal with them.

It looks as though some ones drawn on the frame with a text, is this Land sharks MO? Nice frame though.

Indeed. they wouldn’t be a deal breaker…