at home 3d printer

check this out sent to me buy an engineer friend… super duper

Custom Fully Assembled MakerBot Thing-O-Matic

Have used one often at uni (I’m an architecture model maker).

They aren’t as accurate as more expensive machines, but they are frigging awesome. Very good user interface and not as twitchy as other machines.

I will be buying one of the new models later this month.

We brought one of these at work, haven’t made any architectural models yet but made a few poo shaped things. Its definitely not the same quality as a professional job but for quick test models its seems pretty good.

Ill post some pictures of our models later

I’m trying to convince the practice i work at to buy one for concept models as well, or very rough sketch models. It is a useful tool, especially for the price.

…and you can make cool shit while no ones looking.

That should suffice…

we just got a fancy new 3d powder printer in the office. big huge one. and have a cnc router coming.
just so the boss feels like we’re being cool.

Powder printers are sooo 2009. They’re dead, like fixed gears.

It’s all about ABS plastics and resins now.

Though the powder is very cool, just incredibly fragile, even when oven cured and hardened. It’s very useful for making formwork for molds though.