ATB 210

I’ve been a lurker for a long time here and, well, I’m aiming to do the Around The Bay in a Gay thing this year and well, 210 fixed, has anyone done that before in your experience? Am I dreaming or what?

I am pretty set on it.

I’d love to have some friends on some longer than century rides. Anyone interested?

Let’s do some long saturday rides.

Whaddya say?

Oh sweet, of course, audax rides. I remember reading that thread and thinking how cool it sounded. I’m sold on the idea of going around the bay but not necessarily paying lots of money to share the road with thousands of other random cyclists. I guess having a set date and all that just gives a bit of focus to the whole thing, makes it a bit harder psychologically to pull out if it’s an “event”. I wouldn’t be averse to doing it with a small bunch of like-minded people but, honestly, don’t really know anyone who’d be interested, hence my posting to an internet forum. All my friends are lazy bastiges I guess.

Think I’ll turn up next saturday and see if I can infect anyone with my spiel. Or, at the least, maybe get some good advice.

You can ride ATB any weekend cheaply. The ferry doesn’t cost much.

Yes, Audax GOOD.

You will probably dislike the (classic?) 210 ATB for two reasons: 1: the slight uphills and 2: the slight downhills

1, because at every slight uphill, you will be blasting past all the nubcakes who have zero road skills and no concept of what is going on around them.

and 2. because as soon as the gradient is negative, they will all blast back past you - leaving you stuck in amongst nubcakes for the entire 200+km ride.

Do an Audax ride - and if you want fixed company, just post here and someone will probably turn up! And if not, it wouldn’t matter since AUDAX people are good people, the numbers lower and the food/water stops excellent…

Come on a Saturday ride, introduce yourself and suggest something.

Having said all that tho - if you’d like a fixed wheel friend for the ATB 250 - maybe we should talk :slight_smile:

Nick- It may be expensive, but that’s their ride and their terms. If you don’t like it, then don’t go… Ride your own ATB. There are 51 other weekends in the year - I’m pretty sure the ferry operates on all of them.

Lets organize our own round-the-bay ride! Woohoo!

No, seriously.

Hm, balls to that. A self-organised ATB would reduce the travelling circus factor and be cheaper too. Don’t fancy riding the official event as a bandit i.e. not paying. Audax sounds good - definitely like to try an audax ride at some point.

Meantime, I’ve got to harden up anyway so I’m thinking regular long rides over winter might be a good start.

Will do.

Jeebuz. Tempting.


so does anyone one want to do a non-supported ‘around the bay’ sometime this summer?

fixed or whatever.


Gravedig of the year, and i’m still in (if im awake)

Yeah, sounds good. Got a date in mind?

an event like this would be a good opportunity to launch the shirts. Photo ops and all that. Go team :slight_smile: and provide a deadline for both …

Plenty of Audax riders using fixed, mostly in the UK. In 2006, I did a Super Randonneur series on fixed (200, 300, 400 and 600 km at a minimum 15 kph, including stops).

I’m looking at coming down to Melbourne to do the next ATB, either 200 or 250, possibly on fixed.

yeah i would love to do it

i’ll let you know how i feel about doing this after the cannonball…

I’m interested


Also keen.

cool, it looks like there’s enough people interested.
i was thinking we do 210 and 250, anticlockwise, split into the two lengths at geelong and regroup at queenscliff for lunch and the ferry.
here’s the normal routes, though there’s no reason we can’t go other ways.
maybe sometime in february we do it? i don’t mind when, but i know i need to do some training beforehand.
whats the average speed gong to be?

Good plan. Second half of Feb? Weekend of 21st/22nd or weekend of 28th/1st maybe? For mine, I’ll ride fixed, about 70 inches, so my avg speed = slower than gearies given how flat it is. I won’t be breaking any speed records that’s for sure. hour attempt 4… Saturday February 21st, HSV 6:30pm.

best not to combine the two, i reckon. my vote is for the 28th / 1st.