Att: Design types: Cmwc 2015 logo design

Alrighty, so as you may already know Melbourne is hosting the Cycle Messenger World Championships in 2015 and right now we are in need of a logo for the event.

All the info on the brief can be found over here:


A couple of side notes:

  • Due date for submissions is now the 4th December

  • yes we are unable to pay you… YET. I really hate asking creative people to ‘just knock something up for nix’ as it happens far too often. At this stage our budget is pretty crazy and we have a formidable fundraising target ahead of us. As the brief says, the winning design will get some serious exposure all over the world, internet and on all the merchandise. If at all possible we will most certainly endeavour to remunerate anyone who helps us out, plus come event time, you’ll be looked after, trust me :slight_smile:

  • Also, if anyone from FOA has their logo chosen, We’ll hook you up with some sweet MDMA and CMWC swag.

Any questions or whatever feel free to hit me up.

And please pass this on to any friends/workmates/partners who could be interested.

Shanks in advance!

I dunno if it’s the site, of my PC, but it keeps crashing every time I try to open the brief/pdf :frowning:

works fine for me.

i’m kinda excited to see what people come up with.

i’m gonna put it in the art thread too.

Brief has been amended and the due date for submissions is now the 4th of December

What’s a vector?


never will I look anywhere else for answers

Holy shit, that got real good.

Edit: running out of letters.

Reminder deadline is today for anyone still wanting to submit

So who entered? Can we see what you did?

I gave it a crack, I’ll post it up tomorrow.

So here’s my effort. Be kind, I’m not a graphic designer.

I didn’t enter but I do like this.

Those teeth are not worn at all and that chain has absolutely no skunge build up #notmesslife

^ Brand new ready to race.


if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Ftfy. #foamafia

Well c’mon, I can’t be the only FoA member to have entered…Lokione? EzyLee? xbrendanx?