Attaching headtube badge

Recently scored a nice vintage headtube badge for my Gazelle.

Have found some good articles and methods on the interweb, but was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with attaching one.

I’m trying to lean away from adhesives as I would like it to be removable if it ever needs respraying by me or the next person.

Most normal adhesives would be removable. I have previously used araldite as a quick fix for this, and it was removed at a later date easily with a chisel and some careful leverage.

I’d sway away from more conventional pin/eyelet mounting because it would cause more permanant markings on your frame.

Drill a hole, tap a thread, screw a screw, la de da, do de do

Go to a nearby panel shop and see if they have one of the gorilla snot products like Sikaflex (sp?)

Drivescews? Rivets?

Care to elaborate on your oh so simple method…

Yeah I’m starting to see the benefit (and ease) of using an adhesive, rather than drilling holes into a delicate head tube and running the risk of messing with the steerer tube.

So you would recommend this araldite product drozzy?

(p.s. sorry for the double post mods, forgot to quote twice)

Ha ha! this is like when I was looking for some information which was on a website run by a university in Middle s e x in England and BHP’s (my employer at the time) firewall wouldn’t let me get to it. likewise here, the product that i was recommending might well be absolutely spendid, but i was also not trying to say that it in the sort of complimentary language that would include commenting that it completely vomited. It is actually called (with spaces) “S i k a f l e x”.

We sure have strict rules implemented! Where can I see the list?