Attn: Blakey (and CX / canti nerds)

What brake pads will fit these apparently “rare” Shimano 600 canti’s?

Bigger pic - Component: Shimano BR-6102, 600EX

Looks like they have the same as Dia Compe 981’s

And it think I’ve answered my own question.

I think Kool Stop Eagle pads will fit.

correct. VO & TRP also do toe adjustable versions that take refills.

Coolio. Looks like I’ll be doing some Internet shopping soon.

One more question… I’d purchase the “canti” ones, not threaded, from here?

Wiggle | Kool Stop Eagle II Pair Of Inserts Rim Brake Pads

Yep… canti are the smooth ones.

The threaded ones are these.



Just don’t do what Dromedary did and order the “Canti” pads for cantilever brakes, without realising that modern cantis take threaded pads. Whoops.

BBB BBS-11T Cross Stop Cyclocross Touring Brake Pad Set Cantilever (4ct) | eBay

these are a cheaper option for smooth post mount but with replaceable pads, you might want to investigate what inserts it takes thou.

Pm’d Jln.

My TRP’s are like this and they take a standard Dura Ace, sized pad.

yeah, knowing BBB they will have probably copied somebody (a positive in this case).

I endorse the use of shorter ‘road’ pads on cantis.

Edit: The BBB aren’t toe-in adjustable.

These are. And take normal road sized inserts. for your cheap kool-stop needs (shipping is fast and cheap).

It’s all good, Heavymetal has sorted me out.


So you’re coming down for Roobaix then?

No. :frowning: