Attn: Dubrat.

Weren’t you looking for something like this:

Classic steel track frame custom built in the 1950s. Super Star brand | eBay

pretty rad. rubdat is out, he got too many… i’ll watch this

very cool !!

Maybe this instead ¸¸¡ª¥Ó¥ó¥Æ¡¼¥¸CINELLI S.C ¥Á¥Í¥ê ¥¹¡¼¥Ñ¡¼¥³¥ë¥µ ¥Ô¥¹¥È - Yahoo!¥ª¡¼¥¯¥·¥ç¥ó

O wait you already have one… :confused:

Yup i’m def on this also… exactly what I was chasing

That Cinelli is neat as well…

Looks like I picked up that Masi 3V after all so I might not have the funds for this path racer but it is wicked

I have 2 completes very similar to this,
my dad and i pulled them out from under one of the buildings at his work (brunswick secondary college).
both have the same brake bridge and dropouts, and one has the same luggs.

I have no idea why, but I want this bike too, think if there the owner has any photos of his dad racing on it, that would be a wonderful bit of history to have and keep with it.
those chainrings are a pig to change, used to have a TA with same pins arrangement, then they produced an adaptor so you didn’t need to to take the crank off each time!