ATTN: Spirito & Bike Gene

Found this:
1988 Cinelli SUPERCORSA PRO ADVANTAGE frameset NOS 59cm | eBay
Nice price & both colours are fruity

whoa, that guy has some serious pron!

shit! great find!!

He has a motorbike in his house!

Its the exact same model Spizza sold to me and i passed onto gene, For about 10% of the price…

Those turntables are amaziiiiiing!

that guy needs to be stickied, because his shit is always top notch.

Wow, fruity is an understatement. So cool !!!

A lot of the stuff this guy has always seems to be listed (including the high end audio gear) … I’m guessing it’s either priced too high or he has a lot of stuff. Seeing the lounge, artwork and bike/audio pron is kinda interesting.

I’ve bought a bit of shit of this dude aswell.

Kinky !!


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