Auspost 'porteur' vic

wish i had a good enough excuse for to have this around:

auspost bike postie bicycle With Pannier | eBay

The postman always rings twice !!

So much win … but those fenders can’t be original, can they? (3 inch gaps)

Most of the postie bikes I see have insane fender clearances

I wonder for what purpose or was it a case of “we sourced 20,000 of these fenders for very, very cheap … so we’ll use them even if the don’t really work”. That would really impress me, so :slight_smile:

Having worked as a postie for 16 years (a lifetime ago), that is exactly how they think.
If you ever hear the Honda postie bikes brakes squealing, it’s because AP buy the cheapest version of the brakeshoes and they glaze over very quickly?

Pretty sure I saw a postie bike the other day with a Hydraulic front disc plus the drum brake.


Maybe one of the newer ones that are motor assisted?