Aussie based cycling e-commerce, finally?

Not connected with Bikebug in any way but it seems that the Aussies are finally getting their shit together which is great to see. And what’s going on with the pricing, are they doing parallel importation because when you compare it to the regular Wiggle/CRC many items come out okay?

About time, and if the price is right I’ll definitely prefer to support the local economy.

Anyone bought anything yet from their website?

Is there a link or name for this website?

Sorry I didn’t want it to come across as a free advertisement: bikebug dot com Based in Sydney north shore I believe.

Oh sorry, i thought you meant there’s another site that’s not connected with Bikebug in any way.

I wish I knew of this a few days earlier, I just ordered all my 3t parts directly from 3t. Two weeks of waiting.

I bought my garmin and 3t stem from them. Next day delivery by they sent the wrong stem, but I had the correct one within hours of calling them and better yet it was the stealth version! They’re not so great in store, unless you’re in the market for a new colnago and keep your mouth shut about anything technical.

I’ve bought quite a bit from in store, and personally found them to be pretty good. Prices for Sidi ergo’s were on par with wiggle at the time. It’s true about the Colnago’s, a bit like going to Turramurra Cyclery and wanting anything other than a Pinnarello!