Aussie made bags for bikes

Hey all, i’m tentatively in the market for a half frame bag, and i’ve noticed that theres a few small Aussie makers floating around. I’m always looking to buy miscellaneous useful stuff too, I love storage and carrying solutions. Figured it would be cool to compile a list of these makers to turn to when I/you/we want to buy things. It’s great to see well made, local & affordable options competing with overseas ones, especially with the current exchange rate.

[b]BO Gear[/b]
Obviously well known around these parts.

[b]Bike Bag Dude[/b]
Full range of bikepacking gear. Stock some Oveja Negra?

Elephants and Robots
Some small bags, with the option for custom bags.

Skin Grows Back
Classic. Backpacks and softgoods.

Technically Kiwi, but really like the look of their gear, the panniers especially.

The Long Shred Home - small Brisbane outfit, i’ll probably send them an email about frame bags soon-ish. Look nice and made with lots of care/attention.

Anymore to recommend? (Especially for my half-frame bag)

Last time I spoke to him, E & R was winding down all his stuff due to a lack of interest/sales.

he did do an amazing job repairing & replacing some mesh on a swag I bought off user Rhino though. good dude.

Ah shit, that sucks. Hope it wasn’t his full time job. Just bought two bags.

Skin grows back - soft goods

BBD for a frame bag IMO.

na, its a hobby/passion thing.

He repaired my revelate designs half frame bag twice, the zips just get shitty with dust (wash and wax lube the zips to extend there life) -this is not specific to RD just to zips that get dirty and you wrench on one handed.

And can echo Rolly’s sentiment, good dude.

Mates have BBD stuff and its good stuff. But some of the stealth stuff is well designed and different- the heaphy sling is cool.

Keith and I have custom BBD frame bags (his is full, mine is half) and Ojeva Negra saddle bags.
I fully recommend mine. You can borrow them for a while if you want, although the frame bag will probably be too big.

If you end up getting stuff from Stealth, let me know because I’m interested in the Heaphy Harness and a custom camera bag.

Slightly off topic but can anyone recommend a good back pack for carrying a skateboard?
I have an old DaKine I’ve been using for years but it’s starting to get ripped to shreds.

Thirded for Marty being an ace dude.

I saw Terra Rosa Gear was making frame bags too, might be worth dropping him a bell.

For general Antipodean Outdoor Artisans

I was given a promo swag bag from a client years ago that I realised had skateboard buckles on it.

Caribee still make bags with them:

Posted today on @pedalcyclery’s Instagram.

Should work on any rack with a decent platform too, by the looks of it.

have you checked out what skate companies offer? surely 4* or someone offers something decent?

alternatively, I wonder if you could customise a BOGear Spare Camel to carry a board? Leave the webbing on the front unstitched in the middle & add buckles? Reckon that’d work pretty well & be tough as nails. Plus Dave would probably get really excited about a new project.

Pretty cool, don’t think I could get the WALD basket to work with my brifters though. Would love to know where they got their lightweight Aussie made canvas from.

I’ve had a look at a few, not a lot of companies seem to make them, just cheap eastpak knockoffs.
There was a nice Nike one but it was a hideous baby blue.

I may have to look into something custom, especially as summers coming.

That looks like something BOGear could whip up as a custom bag no worries, but just a lot cheaper.

did you buy WCPs dakine?

Nah, my mate Andy got that one.