Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2010

hey jol, where are u staying? can t wait to kick your ass…again!!

love to have you onboard JOL.

anyone else who wants to sponsor !

hit me at

More sponsors:

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totally keen to play again up there and this time hopefully i wont break my hip this time

So it looks like Adelaide has two teams booked for Brisbane.
Tom, Stephen, Colin, Ben, Steph and myself.

I know Steph and I are looking for a floor to crash on if anyone can put us up. The others probably need a space too.

Also, where are the courts? All I can find are photos of nicely painted blue asphalt that is about to be wrecked!!

See you all in Brisvegas!


Courts are here.

i will be able to put a roof over some heads.

EDIT: Adelaide crew organised.

I’ve got a double futon, a couch, heaps of floor space, a hammock and a big back yard if someone wants to tent it…

Cheers Johnson,

Steph and I are landing at 1145pm on the Friday so we might be a bit late in. Knowing you lot that shouldn’t be a real issue though.
Will do my hardest to get some shuteye on the plane.


me and another guy (and possibly one more) will be landing at about 2:30pm on friday. don’t have much else to do so do you guys need a hand setting anything up, or do you have some beer that needs to be drunk?

yeh set up friday arvo. everyone is welcome. we are planning to play abit of pick up friday evening, trying to get some lights in. hopefully score some friday evening TV coverage aswell.


2 sydney teams are landing at around this time as well. Would love to give a hand setting up if theres any more work to be done.

Gypsy: I think Mitch might have mentioned it, but we were thinking about making up a trophy this weekend. Any objections or input is welcome. I heard a rumour of eighthinch gold mallets for the winners, but a gold winners spoke card would be awesome too.

Never gonna happen Frenchie.

Not got a place to stay yet. Was going to stick with Bennee and hope he had some ideas. You got summink?

Are we able to register yet?

Will be happening in a few days. Will post here when it is setup and ready to go.

gonna take any “resort” close to the court!! i know one good in gladstone ave. but it s fucking hilly so i ll figure to find one in west end!!

also dude

tell your GF to come!! isabelle will be there…and would probably wanna go to “topshop” somewhere!!


Hey Guys, registration is now open

Head on over to Bike Polo to register yourself as an individual or enter your team

Any updates or deletes, please email and I’ll action it.

Is there any news on hostels? POLO HOSTEL! we should book out a whole dorm, that’d be rad… then we can leave our stuff in safety and ride down to the court together

Backpackers would be a good idea if you got organised and booked in advanced. but… I’d book some rooms now if you want any hope in getting a whole dorm together, busy time of the year especially in brissy?


perf boys have booked a hotel room 3km from the courts :smiley: