Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2012

So who’s coming over?

When: Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 9:00am until Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 5:00pm
Where: McCallum Park Basketball Courts, Victoria Park
Why: polopolopolopolopolopolopolo

Facebook event page:!/events/288248944534117/

The arena:

Court surface:


Playing polo in a skate bowl, fucking win!


hahah the basketball courts in the background!

The skate bowl is if people wanna get busy between games, unless anyone wants to play some 1 on 1 in the bowl?? Might be big enough for 2 on 2 hahah

i hope to make the trip across just have to get some time of workies, ride the vert bra

I have already got my tickets!
Expect a largish Sydney contingent… well hopefully more than 2 teams for once.

me and my team will be there!


Looking forward to meeting (and beating) all of our East Coast polo compadres! 69 players (23 teams) have signed up so a good turn out considering how god damn far Perth is from the rest of the world.

Should be a great weekend, plently of prizes and fame at stake!!

smash kents, GC studs are gonna cause ruckus



Export on tap.



Congratulations to Perth’s NASFWG a.k.a not a single f&^k was given (or NASFAG for those playing at home) for taking the Championship. Commiserations for runners up Triple Dutch Rudder from Brisbane, who didn’t lose all weekend until the final. Well done lads.

Also some talented polo played by Melbourne (Anchors) and Sydney (Dog Soccer) who just missed out on the finals.

Gold Coast for 2013 - I’m really looking forward to redecorating the courts a shade of crimson with the GC Duds.

Was great!!! I went down, drank a lot of export, sport and had people ogle my piss green pursuit all weekend! was amaze~

Much more entertaining than going to usual Sunday PCP Polo :wink: :wink:

My vote for best sequence went to the John McEnroe impersonations by Morgan. BLOW THE FUCKING WHISTLE REFFFF

chuck up a few hilare & amaze pics kents!

Was a fooly sik weekend maaaaaate! The NASFWG and TDR guys played a wicked final.

Reps to Morgan for plans to ride back east over the Nullabor. That’s one epic journey.

Great weekend of polo. Now suffering from withdrawals.

Big ups to all those who made the long journey out to Perf and even bigger ups to you Prawza, Scotty and Douchie (Ned) for the skill and determination you put on display. Y’all played fantastic against some real quality teams…even Ned was killing it in the final so he can wear his massive ego for a while without fear of retribution.

All the Johhny’s off the street must have been tripping balls when they took a peek into the arena to see what was going down. Some free world class polo on display. It was great to watch!!

TDR lost to MPS on Saturday,. love you Ollie.