Australia Day long weekend

anyone doing anything ride related over the long weekend?

I’m not sure if I have to work on the Saturday yet (though I honestly think I won’t) so will likely be up for some kind of ride.

Maybe. What have you got planned, Rolly?

well i’m just not sure jim. my other half is going to be in NSW for a friend’s bday and i don’t think i’m keen to spend the kinda bucks required to go too…

so i’m a free agent for the weekend and have monday off.

i kinda like the idea of a mini tour. i’ll have a car and can take some bikes, maybe fuck off to a rail trail or somethin.

dunno really, just seein if anyone’s put more thought into it than me!!

Might do the trifecta
Preston track
Glenvale or SKCC crit
Blackburn - Doug Garley Mem.

100% - where yet I don’t know
Public holidays = riding days

I’m thinking about going to Forrest

carn, someone think of something for the weekend.

drive to regional town, park car, ride to small town, stay night, ride different way back to car.

I’m just keen for the profit and maybe the ???

i’ll be getting my hair braided in indo and stocking up on bin-tang t-shirts for youse.

Singlets are the new tshirts

boogie boarding holiday?

If I wasn’t going on a holiday to the beach, I’d be in.

Summer sprints rolly!!!

Ballarat - Skipton Rail Trail. Large amount of refueling stops on trip to boot. Excellent trail.

Alpine Classic!


guess bright etc will be busy then?

i’m going to be riding down to franga in the morning, hitching a (car)ride for lunch with a bunch of mates to sorrento and back to franga, then riding home from franga later that day.

welcome to join me for the trip down or the whole shebang.

I like your thinking.