Australia Day

I’m probably going to go for a ride before I don my flag cape and smash some beers. Anyone keen?

now taking suggestions for: Time, Distance, Location, etc.

I was thinking of meeting at 10 in the morning at Docklands and going to Mordialloc or something if others were interested???

i’d suggest you ride out to blackburn velodrome and watch the australia day madison.

but i’m not coming.

destination: edi gardens. heavy innit park party. its a hard ride but i reckon you might make it…

HA, how’d i know you we’re going to say the gardens

i say we head to A beach, then head back to the gardens, then drink, then i go to work that night drunk

um, because the boys are cranking tunes that day. i dont get out of work till 4 so will rock down after that if anyone’s keen to join black kittens.

um, because the boys will be cranking tunes. i dont get out of work till 4 anyways so will rock down after that if anyone’s keen to join black kittens. word.

I’m riding to Keynton tomorrow morning, around 6am-ish. I won’t be coming back until late in the day because I am working on my sisters farm for the day, but anyone’s welcome to ride out some of/all of the way.

Given the start time I am expecting little to no interest.

I’m riding to the Edinburgh Gardens for Summer Innit, but as I’m in East Melbourne, it’s not exactly an epic ride, distance-wise.
Should be sweet-as, anyway - dubstep is massive.

Sime and a few others are riding out to Olinda. meet at Shifter 9am. around 100 km, he wants to be back before 2 so there’s still plenty of hours in the day for the aforementioned caped drinking. Hills aplenty apparently

^ i did that ride a little while ago, its good, but i think i’ll be saving my legs for track tomorrow night… up for a less intense ride though

Please note that this ride sucks. If you were thinking of doing it, don’t.

there’s a decent way out there - you didn’t ride straight up the freeway, did you?

Of course I did!
A guy at work told me that it was fine to ride the Calder. Turns out that this guy at work is a liar, a nice guy, but dishonest.
What is this way that you speak of Teach?

keynton = kyneton?

if so, when we rode back from echuca last year i found this part of the trip quite enjoyable… from memory (correct me sime/max if i`m wrong)…

kyneton to woodend (via south kyneton, some rolling hills and woodend berry farm)
woodend > new gisborne (through the forest via calder hwy) > riddells creek > sunbury > melbourne

yeah that ride back into town was fun… there is a velodrome on the left heading out of Kyneton towards Woodend aswell before you go through the rolling hills. Worth a look, I wish we stopped there last time.

benny speaks the truth.

i’ve ridden the calder before. it sucks. possible, but not much fun.

Thanks for the tip guys, my sister just moved out there, so I am glad to know that there is an enjoyable way to get there by bike. Next time I will ride the way suggested.

Yo Teach,


forgot to note the nice rolling down hilll past the berry farm into woodend…

keen to get back out that way, friendly weather pending…

northern combine do their races out there - back when i was thinking of doing the warny we used to ride back into town after racing. that gully just outside the city was never fun…