Australian Clunker Classic [in BNE]

Rules (there is only one) :

You can’t ride a mountainbike or anything suitable for the purpose.
So that leaves anything old or inappropriate: choppers, shoppers,
stingrays, postie bikes, road bikes etc. The route is offroad and includes river crossings, public bridlepaths and roads.

Looking at about a 9am start, Must wear a helmet, can be in either category

  1. Vanilla Clunker
  2. NOWT Speed (Vanilla Clunker sans chain)

To get an idea on what constututes a clunker event - check out the Worlds :slight_smile:

I will be taking my fixie (the zullo), and just putting cyclocross tyres on the beast. Also the rear disk wheel will make an appearence, just to be even more different. I would wear a skinsuit, but these are just too hard to find.

Yeah, its weird, but this will be the first one in Aust…

The fixed-wheel takes a true victory on an Australian Platform!!!

Lineup :

Where do you carry a can of beer when you wear a skinsuit??

This guy wents nuts on this little bike…

The winner is :

[b]Official placings :

1st : Rhino (Fixed track bike )

2nd : Roberta (Paper delivery bike)

3rd : Ads (TAB Runner)[/b]

NB: just put one cyclocross tyre on the front of my street fixie, and raced. Still had the disk wheel rumbling on the rear…

glad to see the fixed won, good job rhino!

i want to see a picture of you riding that ridiculous disc-attached track bike through the bush :slight_smile:


Fucking excellent work Rhino!!!

Judging by that photo, you must have a list of people who can get fucked?

That list just keeps getting longer…


That list just keeps getting longer…[/quote]

I’ve made it easier for myself - I’ve got a list of people who don’t have to get fucked.

Thats a great idea, that would include the following;


Not sure whether the photos will come up.