Australian Cyclist Party

Just saw this - we should all join?

Disclosure - i’m in no way affiliated with this mob or know anyone with them - YET

Australian Cyclists Party

A loud bell-ding of approval for Australia
A nice piece but not too much surprising news, except for this little fact: 1km of motorway/road costs the equivalent of 110km of bikeway

Just what we all need- another single issue lobby party.

I voted for the Party, Party, Party! Party.

There’s something about this that doesn’t seem right…

Agreed. I wanna know names.

I went to a cyclist party on Saturday night. People doing track stands inside and a dude with a moustache lighting his bike on fire.

People that identify primarily as cyclists are quote often assholes.

Weird the website looks fake

Transforming Sydney’s disused monorail track into an elevated cycleway

They’re a bit behind the 8-ball on this. Might have to go find that monorail track in the recycling tip.

Omar Khalifa runs it.

He is “a former CEO of Bicycle New South Wales”

Leader to be AlexB618 or zero interest.

^Vote 1 Blakey

Fenders for all!

But he’d make everyone use cantis only…



Even Fyxo’s doing it…

Why sully the enjoyment of cycling with minority politics?

And that’d be as useful as the Liberal NBN plan.