australian madison champs / MCoW.

i’m not racing the melbourne cup on wheels this year, so i’ll be sitting the back straight making mean comments about people. and then in the australian madison champs i’ll likely once again heckle the dudes with the bad haircuts - also known as the new zealanders - who will likely answer back with incomprehensible retorts.

the upshot is, it will be fun, and you should come.

Australian Madison to Feature the World

I’ll come!

buy tickets. unreserved back straight.

Done and done.

why no racing?

building for the austral?

also - attendance at this event is always good times. back straight grandstand picnics ftw.

oh maaaaan, i’m gonna be getting drunk in point lonsdale this weekend, bit bummed i’ll miss this.

rightly so. world champs meyer and howard vs recent world cup winners o’shea and edmonton. o’shea is just coming off winning a six day, PLUS used to be howard’s madison partner… you better believe it’s going to be ON.

i’m not doing MCoW because i decided that this year i’m steering clear of circuses. if you’re going to be in the circus, you wanna be the lion tamer, not the clown.

have bought tix for the wife and I.

i’ll try and convince the wife to bake some gluten-free & vegan goodies.

do this, and i’ll try to convince my significant other to do likewise. nik is right - the picnic is part of the fun.

all organised, she has thursday off (:D) and needs to bake for friday already (a work colleage is leaving).

any requests? can do cake, cookies, slices and/or muffins.

i am happy to consume all of these things. be warned though: casey and i are the most difficult couple known to humanity. she is vegan, and gluten free… i’m vegan, and currently soy free. see what i mean?

Oh man, the Angler’s Tavern is going to love you!

also, if i were to have tomorrow and/or friday off, i’d totally go down to this at DISC:

2012 Cycling Australia Omnium & Para-cycling Track National Championships - program & results

according to someone in the know, the field will be one of the deepest ever. now that the omnium is an olympic event, folks are taking the nationals seriously.

I’m in for Saturday night. Mostly for the cupcakes. Yessiree.

no cupcakes from my camp, Katie’s got her mind set on baking cookies.

i have been feeling a tad unwell today now that you mention it… :wink:

anyone else getting that “thing”, you know the one that’s been going around??

i’m planning the same thing, morning ride, sleep eat, disc, hook up for MGG5

ooh, that’s a rad weekend.

How good is that video that CT put up yesterday of the old Madison Square Garden footage.


that’s awesome!!

“for every meal they eat pounds of beef steak”