Australian track bikes in NYC.

I’m in NYC at the moment. Went to King Kog yesterday. They had a bunch of stock track frames and 3 or 4 old custom builds. Out of these one was a Hoffy and the other was a Ken. Thought it was odd.

They had a familiar looking Paconi triple triangle in when I was there earlier in the year. I remember the Hoffy off ebay, but I’d never seen the Ken before in my life. It’s nice! Funny that they still have yet to sell after all this time.

Was that Zeph’s old Paconi that Stephen bought?

The Ken came from a guy in SF, apparently has been in the States for years.

Australia pride! :smiley:

They’re still there!? They were up for sale when I was in there in June/July. Surprised they haven’t sold yet, I seem to remember the pricetag not being too outrageous?

Yeah prices were alright - $450USD for the Hoffy, $600USD for the Kenevans. Not bargains though I guess.

what are most people getting about on over there? Japanese, European? Or OTP american shit?

I know that Chari & Co. in New York have a fair few Keirin frames. Maybe that.

yeah, there always seems to be lots up on ebay US too…

someone repatriate that ken!


With just a slight mark up!

Those frames have been there since at least may.

I sent Gina the Hoffy and a different Ken in December last year.
I guess she sold the Ken - which is different to that one… because I saw someone getting around on it when I was there a few months ago.