Australs - 26 Feb

Anyone interested in getting a group for the Australs at DISC on 26 Feb @ 7pm?
I will be going for a ride during the day then having some beers before heading to this, all welcome (for rides/beers/entry to a public event).

Tickets are: front Straight (reserved) - 25; back straight (unreserved) - 18; standing room - 12.

As if that isn’t enough, this is the 113th edition - the first one was in 1887 at the MCG which went for 3 miles, with a first prize of a grand piano or cabinet of silverware.

From Cyclesport website:

The following are racing: Shane Perkins, Rick Sanders, Caleb Ewan, Glenn O’Shea, Scott & Jackson Law, Annette & Alexander Edmondson will headline the carnival, along with reigning Victoria’s cyclist of the year and four-time 2010 Australian champion Maddison Hammond, and Malaysian cycling stars Josiah Ng & Azizul Awang.
The night will also include a ‘Legends Austral’ featuring Danny Clark, Stephen Pate, David Sanders and Laurie Venn, who combined claimed a total of eight Australs between 1977 and 1999.

fixed that for you.

I was actually seriously considering going this year, as I apparently have Simon King’s Paconi from 1987, and I want to check out the event as a history lesson.
I’ll check my diary and get back to you.

was this the one that xBBx snuck a 6th place (after sitting in a podium position heading into the last corner). i think my hearing is still suffering from his lady’s screams.

oh, and back straight is where its at… BYO whatever you want! (but be discreet). We had some mad picnic action going last time…

sorry nik. i like yelling, i’ll bring you some ear plugs next time.

sounds good

I have a huge stash of ear plugs, but I’ll be at NAHBS, so yell a bit extra for xBBx for me.

Well if back straight is where its at, no need to book in bulk as it is non-reserved. People, buy your tickets! If anyone is interested, I will be doing a kinglake or dandy ride that Saturday on the road before having some beers at mine (near DISC), with some mates. All welcome.

naw, that was the melbourne cup on wheels.

and it was 5th. i still got the cheque.

IIRC correctly i was right beside you losing my voice as well :wink:

hey! this is tomorrow night! and what else are you going to be doing between 7pm and 10pm? freaking nothing good, that’s for sure. so come on down! yell loud!

i’ll need all the help i can get.

Who is going? Anyone interested in beers before?

I’ve bought my tickets so i’ll be there.

I’m going, see you cats there…

I’ll be there with some chums.

i’ll be at work…

i’ll be there!

Wow I forgot about this, but was at a shitty 19th bday party anyway. How was it?

You missed out Dylan it was a good night. Well done to Brendan for putting up a strong fight in his heat and was unlucky not to make the cut for the finals. But the most impressive rider of the night was Braedan Dean who destroyed his fellow juniors in every one of his races and took out the Junior Australs. Utter domination.

yep, was good times. I was sorry i had to leave early. Well done Brendan!