Does anyone know if you can use Autosol on anodised parts? I don’t mean stripping the anodising off and then polishing to a mirror finish, I just mean buffing the original surface up a little.

I’m wondering:

a) will it fuck up the anodising

b) will it actually achieve a better looking finish

I have no experience in using it so just wondered if you guys had.

In my limited experience, it won’t really do anything. You will get a slightly better finish.

Just seen there is a specific anodised aluminium autosol which would suggest that putting the normal one on an anodised surface would damage it.

^ I think you would struggle to damage it. Some people actually remove the anodising by sanding, but it’s a labour intensive job. I doubt a low abrasive paste would worry it.

I haven’t seen the anodised autosol, let me know how it goes.

you will go through the anodised surface if you get too keen

you will definitely go thru ano if you use regular autosol.

OK cheers everyone.

I use it lightly on anno you would be hard pressed to go through it to strip it I use caustic soda granules in water.
Never dull wool works well on anno