Avanti pista evo 2

Love these frames. Do want.

Avanti Pista Evo 2 Track Frameset | eBay

Definitely some sweet pista right there. If only my skillz (and cashflow) warranted a need for a weapon like that…

My skills don’t warrant having a BT but I still have one. It’s nice to have nice things.

Don’t sell yourself short man, I’ve seen you at the track… I would have to agree with your sentiment though.

Been looking for a new track frame and these are on my list. Shame this particular one is too big, thanks for bringing it to my attention though.

I do like, The new Felt are also bloody nice.
I think they even do an enduro and sprint model in them.

The new Fuji Track Elite’s are nice!

They sure do. Stiffer and heavier for the sprint and a bit lighter but probably more flex for the enduro model.

Very nice and the first track bike to use a tapered HT apparently.

fuck yeah this is sick.

Felt TK1 Track Frame | eBay

Considered selling my BT for one of these.