Avanti Pista for Road?


Does any one have any experience converting an Avanti Pista for road use?

Any comments appreciated.


they r good for road:

  1. Seal Bearings
  2. Compact Geo

But for the price might as well hunt for a track bike on ebay?

Hey wasn’t Letour cycles selling the '06 Pista for $500.00?
Road or not, it’s hard to beat for price.

$500 is a bargain then
cause recommended retail price is like 799 i think.

Yeah that 06 at Le Tour is gone.

It looks like a nice bike, still considering my options at this stage.

They’re a fine bike, but alloy fixies are not a good idea with all breaking force you put through the stays/BB. They will eventually fail, and sometimes catastrophically.

Steel is the way to go for fixies…

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