Aventon Mataro Low - new daily commuter

Anyone who knows me knows I get bored quickly… to satisfy my needs I decided to buy this frame with the intentions of building it up and selling it. After riding it I am surprisingly impressed and may just very well keep it

Enough chit chat, more info on the bike can be found on pedalroom here

Rad, but… #slamdatstem

Looks good! Deffs agreed re: stem slammage!

Just googled these frames and they are super affordable! Rad.


haha thanks guys! pics taken just after building it up and before riding the thing

agreed stem needs to be slammed, and already has been :wink:

nice build.
i would probably change the saddle, a bit too classic for this modern build with all modern parts.

comfort over style… since its the current commuter id rather be comfy than have it look the part

have tried a some others that would suit it better, fizik & san marco’s but just didn’t do it for me comfort wise

:slight_smile: “comfort over style”! i’ll keep that in mind. i’ll build up a new project tomorrow with this in mind… thanks! i’ll post it up tomorrow.

nice build…where did you buy from? if you don’t mind me asking…

not sure why, but im afraid

I’ll shoot you a PM with some deets, but in short direct from aventon