average diameter/width of handle bars?

please don’t crucify me again please
I went to FOR THE RIDER in BrisVegas and bought a right side brake lever (tech 77) for my front brake.
However it doesn’t fit around the bars. I called them back to say it was too small and I’d be back for a refund but they were very surprised.

Using callipers my ‘bull-horns’ (delivered to me by mistake from Ebay seller, I ordered drops but until they send me the correct ones I reckon I’m going to keep building) measure 23.5mm…is this about standard?

ducks for cover :expressionless:

Why don’t you take your handlebars into the shop, ask the people there, and find something that fits on the spot?

^ because I’m an idiot!

LBS has bottom shelf brand and I want HAWT and SEXAHH!!!

I admit my mistake…just wondering

There are this many sizes.

If you measured it right you have a Obsolete French size.

Bonjour you cheese eating surrender monkey!!!

This is the third time you’ve said this… :expressionless:

Just take everything into the bike shop- they will be happy to help I’m sure.

I get the feeling he didn’t measure the clamp area, he probably measured elsewhere, where the bar is thinner then the clamp area.

BTW sheldon brown is the best resource for most of the questions you have been asking.


Just got back from LBS …
They will

  • fit and align chain (so it’s striaght and works)
  • look at seat post and shim or replace if necessary…26.2? maybe I should have got 26.4!
  • not fit front brake lever until I sort out how badly Ebay seller has messed up (not me this time :))

pick up Friday ‘Inshallah’

Riding Friday night with mtb clip-ins due to toe-clips not arrived by then


Your mums an idiot.

Ha! Mum jokes!

Tech 77 is a BMX lever and will fit a 22mm bmx bar, as designed.

LBS opened a pair of bmx levers and they were too small too.

Anyone else experience this?
Can someone suggest a small lever that will fit 23.5mm bull horn bar?

I’m looking to do this (if I keep the bul horns)


Maybe you should think about getting into scooters or rollerblades or something.


You are going about this whole ‘building your own bike’ thing the wrong way dude. There is that many fixie riders in brisbane which could have shown you the ropes if you woulda asked before going ahead and doing such stupid things as purchasing a Tech 77 lever etc etc… Get some brains and ask around, dont rush this sorta stuff and you wont have problems. I seriously lurked around this forum for at least 6 months/ even went to an organised fixie event without a bike, all before i went ahead and built my own. When i did end up going ahead with forking out money it was quick easy, stayed on budget and glitch free… I am not saying you wait around that long as you obviously have accumulated some parts to build. But just maybe you should do a little more research and actually go and look at some bike parts before you hit up ebay or try and mash a seat post in a seat tube that is to big or small.

Not trying to be harsh here, but this is like your 5 million-th thread asking how to build a bike. Research on the net i.e. Sheldon Brown AND go out and have a look for yourself at some real fixie’s guys have built or go and talk to a lbs like ridgeways at stafford. Very shitty looking place but full of knowlege and guys that are willing to help and have on head new and 2nd hand parts to keep your build cheap.

Anyways my 2c… willing to help & again sorry to be harsh.


I disagree but that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

I expect to get the right information when I go to a BS.
I expect they should know what they are talking about and sell me something that fits or works.

All of my mistakes don’t bother or upset me. It’s just my way of doing it.

If I’m jamming up the server with all my questions then ban me.
If my questions annoy you ignore them.

I don’t see the big deal.
I’ve read posts on here that certainly concern me but I haven’t ranted and raved about them.

With the moderators permission. I’ll continue to post questions on this forum.
That’s one of the things it’s designed for isn’t it?

Take it easy. People are just trying to help you get what you want with the minimum of hassle.

Your biggest problem is expecting bike shop people to be knowledgeable and helpful. Sadly that’s often just not true. Many of them will give you ‘advice’ based on what they heard or read in a brochure, or based on what stock they need to shift. The advantage (to you) of this forum is that most people here will give you advice based on experience, not hearsay. Try to make the most of that.

By all means, keep going with your build. You’ll learn along the way and sooner or later you’ll have a bike you want to ride.

And feel free to ask questions. Whatever you do, somebody will flame you from time to time. That’s all part of the experience.

Thats what i was just going to say, do your research before you go to a bike shop I’ve trusted several against my better judgment as they claimed to be experts on the things i was buying and got burned every time.

Read SHELDON BROWN for the answers to many questions, including why 22mm bmx/mtb levers don’t fit on ~23.? road bars.

P.S. based on the stock i have I’d recommend you buy a TT lever off me as that will fit your bull horns fine :evil: :evil:

Ridgeways is by far the best bike shop in the entire fixyverse if you want to go somewhere with a heap of knowledge, second hand (cheap) parts and a good laugh Ridgeways is the best bar none (don’t expect it to be a short visit if you get em talking) For the riders is a mountain bike store and aren’t going to be that great for what your building. The differences between mountain and track bikes isn’t huge but it’s enough to screw things up.

If your free on Saturday come arround to my gaf and we’ll sort you out. I’m decent on the tools and have probably got enough parts to get you rolling on the day.

Life n co is right tough knowledge is the key in this game. He got his by lurking around the forum and staying outa the way. You are getting yours by asking questions and buying a few parts that don’t quite fit right. It’s all going to lead to the same conclusion. Knowledge and fixed happiness :smiley:

I am taking it easy. I’m not upset by my stupid posts or the time and money I’ve wasted setting up my cycle.
It’s almost there and looks great to me!!

Best post and offer I’ve ever seen on this forum