Awesome Drivers

New thread since this isn’t really a near miss - but still quite a wtf, and I need a place to vent :mad:

I don’t bother filtering at the lights if there are only a couple of cars in front, as they’re likely to violently overtake/be jerks as soon as light is green.

Got stuck behind a motorist this morning who was reading a fucking NEWSPAPER. Not just while stopped either, she was still holding it up and glancing at it after she took off, realising traffic in front of her had long started moving off.

Sydney drivers really shit me, and not just while cycling.

Pretty good.
Saw a young lass applying mascara while driving the other week. Driving. Not stopped at lights.
Also, the driver of a superheavyweight crane talking on his phone wedged between his shoulder and ear, doing 80 on the m2.
If I had a dollar for every person I’d seen texting/facebooking etc on their phone while driving I’d have thousands of dollars.

Go you beat

Young lady driving with her knees, one hand had her mobile phone, the other with an unwrapped burger as she chomped away

i shit you not

wait, how do you guys read your newspapers and eat your burgers? Don’t paint my nails but not sure how else i would do it if i did?

Yeah, it’s pretty bad how blatant phone use while driving is. It’s not any better, but at least a phone is small, and can be conveniently handled/dropped if need be. I can barely use a newspaper in an open field, could not even imagine trying to read one while driving.

there’s no wind/rain/outside factors to disturb you when driving a car…except for having to pay attn to everything around you.

In space*

in commuting…no one can hear you scream.

Had a guy beep me as I was walking at a traffic light (with a green walk signal) and then yell at me from his ute to get off the road.

I was a bit surprised considering the pedestrian light just turned green. Asshole.

Then saw the no lefthand turn (which he just did) above the crossing lights. Double asshole.

Gave one chappie a serve for texting. His response? Fuck off I wasn’t texting…I was downloading


One thing me and the missus have been having a chuckle about lately…may seem like I’m stating the obvious, but whenever you see someone doing something as egregiously idiotic as the stuff listed in this thread, have a look at the panels on their car. They’re always covered in dings/dints/smashes. ALWAYS. It’s become that much of a running joke that now, whenever we’re out together and we see a motorist being a dick, I do a quick visual appraisal to see how many buggered panels I can spot from a distance.

I was going up the Hume a few years back and noticed a mid sized truck was coming in and out of his lane on the regular, then would correct again.
I got up beside him to see he was reading a novel, had it rested on his steering wheel and in the time I was beside his truck, he looked down at the pages substantially more than ahead at the road.

I was coming down the Monash on a Saturday afternoon, not too busy so could sit at 100km. There was a Honda CRV doing very erratic lane drifts and then pulling it back. It looked like someone was falling asleep at the wheel because they did it for at least the 5km I was near them. I thought I better have a look, so got up next to them (far right, they were far left. Safety in distance!) and looked across to see a girl on her phone. Push your chin against your chest, that is how how much she was looking down. Not even sneaky looks in between watching the road.

A lot of the time I drive I wish I was a cop in an unmarked car. I’d love pulling over shitty drivers

Toot, and flash your license/ID/wallet. Had this dude in a car do that to me once when I wasn’t wearing a helmet. Caught up to him at the lights and him and his mates were all pissing themselves!

You’d almost think it would be an easier revenue raiser than fining cyclists for no helmets/no ID/insert common minor fine.

No helmet: $319
Texting while driving: $304


Yeh, surely traffic cops can pay for themselves several times over

Left into Baptist st off Cleveland?

Dashcam Owners Au page is a gold mine for shit drivers…and the tip of a substantial iceberg. I’ve lost count of people passing me then turning left across me. I mostly drift out to the RH side of the lane when someone pulls past and the brake lights come on, cause its almost bound to happen.


Shithead motorist of the week, bonus points cos copper: Vision released of police officer pulling gun on speeding motorist in outback Queensland - ABC News