awesome Paino

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Shame about the 600 rear mech, not a terrible price if you were looking for a paino in that size though.

What size is it? Looks 56/57ish.

was just about to post this, im gonna say 56

Someone should get on this. Paino’s stuff is pretty damn good, this could be someone’s forever bike.

I missed out on one a few years back, it ended up getting bought cheapish and restored by a guy who rode it once and hung it on his wall. Then he went back to his hobby of modifying japanese cars and taking pictures of scantily-clad women leaning against them. Biding my time, gonna wait five years and offer him 50 bucks for it when he’s forgotten how much he spent on it.

My girlfriends Paino cost me 200 bucks with full (old) dura ace.

Had no paintwork left on it though, at the painter as we speak.

the more i look at this the more im convincing myself to make an offer.

I’ve got one. It is incredible. Doesn’t look much at all but is the best handling bike I have. If it was not in WA it would be seriously tempting. It is a forever lover.

Ben you know how I feel about Paino’s! Pipe down.

This is a much better ride.

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Damn, now i want the paino too :frowning:

Henry, check out that McLachlan- they are bloody nice rides also!

hpallet Henri, or me Henri?

I’m gonna take a look hopefully this week.

Do you know when Pete is shutting up shop??

It’s spelled ‘Henry’!!

No idea.

There was a very nice paino I missed out in a few years back in Sydney, it had a panto stem too. Maaaaaybe someone on here got it.

If this was a 54 it would be in my garage. Nice paint, Australian steel and you’ll never see another like it.


Soz bro. Must have you confused with someone else. My name is definitely not spelled ‘Henry’!!

I really want this bike… only because everyone else wants it.