awesome track shoes!

ROAD BIKE TRACK BIKE PISTA RETRO CYCLING SHOES (eBay item 270681327739 end time 27-Dec-10 09:53:19 AEDST) : Sport

unfortunately not my size…

They’re very nice … but unfortunately the cleats supplied are incorrect for the shoe pattern. Still worth buying … a great price. You’ll need these style cleats …
Business Cycles: Shimano 7400 Pedals and PD-64 Cleats Pix
(for shimano pedals)

Bicycle Shoe Cleats for Toeclip Pedals $29.95 at Yellow Jersey
(for regular pedals)

or use them with look pattern pedals and cleats (triangle style).

I had a pair like these and while they look great, I found them to be comfy until it comes time to do some hard work. Then the lack of heel support and stiffness is a right pain. I’ll stick to my SIDI’s.

Thanks for that! They’ll be a nice complement for my brown Marresi shoes, now I’ll be able to match my outfits better :wink:

Regarding the cleats: luckily I have a spare pair of cleats to fit that I got with my brown ones, and those two bolt cleats are just what I needed to replace the worn down ones on another pair of shoes.

Some days everything just falls into place.

Thankfully, I pride myself on not working too hard on the bike.

Such a vague comparison. Like comparing one steel bike to all steel bikes.

Good man :wink:

That’s an honest opinion of how I found them to be.

They’re a fantastic looking, retro shoe and were good quality, made by an Italian company that also make motorcycle boots, like SIDI, and I lusted for a pair of these when I was a kid. I just found that while they’re great for retro rides etc, the unstructured, minimal support of the leather shoe can’t compare to the fit and comfort of modern shoes. I tried them with both Clip and Strap cleats and LOOK cleats. Others may find them different.