Axle threads

So, my fixed project is coming along slowly…
I was rebuilding my hubs when I discovered the rear axle (Shimano hub of some sort) was bent. I bought a new one, cut it to length and tried to screw the cones on… they refused. the locknuts went on fine but the cones go a few threads on and stop… argh!
I delivered the problem to my mechanical engineer brother who’s opinion was that the threads on the old axle were very marginally different to those on the new axle (on which is a half jammed on cone). Hence the locknuts went on but the cones wouldn’t…
So, is this an unusual problem? I thought it migh have been due to my bodgy hacksaw job on the threads, but having filed them back it hasn’t solved the issue.

Can you hold the two axles together so the thread teeth mesh? If they don’t mesh perfectly then you’ve got a different thread on the new axle. The reason the lock nut goes on is cause it thinner than the cone and therefore has less tooth contact. Either that or contact your LBS and see if they have one laying around somewhere?


10 x 1 is not the same as 10 x 26 or 9.5 x ? (can’t remember the third major rear axle thread size off the top of my head). Get the right axle.