Ay Ups??

why don’t they just sell
1 set of lights and 1 battery pack?

kits are too complex I reckon

You can buy individual items I believe.
I know I have previously.

My problem with Ayup’s is the price- unless you’re a night MTB rider, they’re a bit overkill for your average commuter.

I have also bought pieces I needed, and I like to see the road, and be seen. Ay-Ups do this very well. Mine get used on night rides including fast decents, but not commuting.

The few people I know who have bought them haven’t regretted a cent.

+1 they’re worth every cent. But only worth comparing them to other lights in the 200-300 bracket. If you don’t want to spend that much then don’t bother

+1. Never regretted getting ayups. My only complaint is the kludgy mount. Nice and solid for a road or MTB but I’d really like some sort of silicone or jelly band mount that can go on/off easily, rather than the ugly cable tie job.

On the other hand, Torpedo 7 had a great deal on a high power LED for $99. Would’ve been roughly equivalent to one half of an ayup pair, but it seems to have disappeared now.

most people who can afford them swear by them, as much as I’ve been tempted, I’ve gone for a cheaper option. I’ve got a 240 lumen fenix tk11r2 flashlight, and then mounted it with a twofish cycloblock. A lot cheaper and similar brightness, plus I can use the flashlight elsewhere, the Ayups are very task specific.

Check these suckers out…

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Much better light output than the Ay-Ups, and cheaper to boot.

Actually, using the velcro on the battery mount, I was able to secure the lights quite well, and use it for a torch around Vietnam and Cambodia. Scared the bejesus out of the bat’s and the tour guides alike.

ay-up are god i race 12-24 hour event throughout the night they rock and you can but all the bits individually

Now they make for a rather expensive tail light but Ayups with the red Saxon caps really stand out on the road without blinding you. I was on my motorbike last week and they looked good enough that I rode alongside the rider asking him what rear light he had.

I’m a fan of my crazy bright Magicshine for the front.

Not convinced about the saxon tail light caps. I bought some thinking I could go helmet mount with one forward and a saxon facing back, but compared to a blinky planet superflash I don’t think they are anywhere near as attention grabbing.

same thing here:
DealExtreme: $77.21 HA-III SSC P7-C (SXO) 3-Mode 900-Lumen LED Bike Light Set