Back to Earth 2

From Boyz on the Hoods:
[i]"Back to Earth 2 takes place years after the events of the original Back to Earth and unexplained and unforeseen circumstances have caused all the cyclists from the original film to disappear, except for one lone man.

Manny Acosta reprises his role as “Rivendell Mascot and all around cool guy” from the original film and his strong acting performance explores existential themes and poses the question of “what do you do when no one else is around to ride with you?”[/i]

“what do you do when no one else is around to ride with you?”
sounds like me in brisbane

Don’t cry Doug, I don’t I just ride on my own and pump the music
Just face it you bought a roadie a year to late, no one rides any more
Because fixie do more k’s than us

Nice clip. Waking up in a tent by the ocean is pretty damn good.

i discovered this morning that barking/howling is not acceptable when riding alone, as the dogs being walked, as well as those in nearby houses, will respond, sometimes unfriendly-like.