Back wheel sliding forward.

So I’ve got a fixed conversion,. had no real problems except whenever I skid, the back wheel slides forward, only minutely, but it loosens the chain tension so much that it’s pretty much unrideable. the axle nuts aren’t track ones… if I buy track ones will this solve the problem? :?


Are the dropouts the same spacing as the hub? If for example you squeeze the stays in to fit a smaller hub (eg, 120mm track hub into a 126 or 130mm frame) then the wheel can sometimes move because the dropouts aren’t quite parallel.

Give us some more details about the frame and hub you’re using.

The drop outs aren’t the same size… I’m squeezing the frame in to fit the hub. i’m not sure what the hub is, but it’d be 120mm I reckon. it only just started happening though…

Damn i thought there’d be an easy solution. I like skidding!

First I reckon get some track nuts. You can try re-spacing your axel to 135mm (or whatever your road frame is) so it slots in perfectly, otherwise some people bend their stays inwards in a very high-tech way (with a bit of 2by4). Be careful with squeezing the stays together and tightening the wheel, it means there is an outwards/inwards sheer force on your dropouts, which can lead to them breaking (I had that happen), hmmm, can’t seem to find the picture I took of it, ow well, imagine a cracked dropout!



If the axle is long enough, just put spacers or washers in to space it to the frame.

Or you could get the frame respaced. I’ve done that plenty of times with great success.

EDIT: But whatever you do, get some track nuts anyway. They’re a good idea.

I got some track nuts at lunch. I can’t respace the axle cause it’s too short… I’ll see how I go tonight.

How do they re-space frames?

With one of these…or a block of wood and a piece of string.

I’ve respaced front forks using some allthread and a couple of nuts. Im sure it would work for stays.

sure does - just make sure your frame is steel before you start :mrgreen:

If you are squeezing those dropouts together a long way, they aren’t very parallel. Cold set the dropout spacing and afterwards make sure the dropouts are parallel. Assuming there isn’t any significant damage to the dropout faces, you should then be good to go.

Well i put the track nuts and a new chain on (the old one was pretty beat). It seems pretty much fixed now, but the axle is stil hella short. can I replace the axle with pretty much any axle (i have a few lying around) or do I have to find out the hub and go from there…?

If its a standard axle you shouldn’t have any problems.
Just make sure the threads are the same as the old one.