Backpack solution?

I’ve had a Mission Workshop Rambler for nearly a year now and have found it to be a good well rounded backpack. Only problem is the abrasive material that sits on my lower back, It continually wears down and rips all of my shirts, jackets etc. I have attempted to cover it but nothing lasts. So what i’m asking is if anyone has any ideas on what I can put on the lower part of the bag to stop it from destroying my clothes?

As you can see the bag has a gap underneath where the waist band goes through.

I’ve contacted Mission Workshop and whilst recognising the problem they had no solution.
If anyone has any ideas I’d greatly appreciate hearing them! :smiley:

that sucks man.
Seeing as you’re in Bris, maybe contact Brisbane Outdoor Gear and see if Dave can fix something up for you?
Either email him on their website or PM user ‘Rangdog’ on here

Yeah I considered flicking Dave an email but felt bad for not buying a BO Gear bag! I wish the chunky toads were available when I bought my workshop.
Benefits of buying local!

I wouldn’t worry man, he’s a real nice dude and I’m sure he’d be happy to discuss customising the bag for you.

+1, he just customised mine.

Send to BOgear. Absolute champions an deserve all your business.

I thought I might ask here first in case anyone knew of an easy fix.
I’ll flick Dave an email now.


I have a number of ideas, but Dave would be able to come up with practical and appropriate ones.

Hey guys, I’ve just sent an email back to Butter, but thought I would raise my thoughts here…

Firstly, thanks heaps for the kind words everyone! :slight_smile: I appreciate!

Short answer: I think I can fix it. I will have to get my hands on the bag though to work out how to deconstruct it…

Long answer: The fabric used in the lumbar pad is 1000D Cordura. It is highly abrasion resistant, but is also fairly abrasive itself. This material has been used in backpack construction for a long long time, and is also used in our Chunky Toad. It is also used extensively in other courier/mess bags, yet I haven’t really heard of this problem happening to anyone before. However, I think I may have an explanation as to why it is occurring…

I think this may be happening because it is the only 1000D which is in contact with your body. Because of this, the entire weight of the bag is forced into this one abrasive area. I can’t really explain it well, but consider a nail… you stand on one nail and it punctures your skin. You sit on a bed of nails and you don’t feel it. This patch of 1000D is kinda like that… just a singular nail. Whereas if the entire backpad were to be 1000D, then it would be like sitting on a bed of nails. Make sense? (why oh why can’t my brain function properly and voice this in a better way…!)

To be honest, I don’t know why MW left just this singular patch of nylon when the rest of the backpad is airmesh… It would have made more sense to be entirely airmesh… My solution would be one of below.

option 1. Resurface the material with a lighter weight fabric. This probably wasn’t done originally as it would wear out quickly. However in your case I wouldn’t remove the 1000D, rather just place another sheet of fabric over the top. Thus it wouldn’t wear out quickly.

option 2. Resurface the lumbar pad with air mesh (what the rest of the backpad is done with). This is an expensive material and I don’t have any. I will see if I can try and rustle some up for you if this is what you want to do (I will have a chat to Jamie from Skin Grows Back… he is a great dude too and has stock of this.)

I can’t really think of any other solutions. My mind is kinda frazzled! I would love to know your thoughts Nikcee, especially if you have a better solution! :slight_smile:

Cheers guys!

Stretched cordura with 10% spandex, its what my dad uses when designing military assault packs. It provides a wear resistant patch but the ability to stretch means you can pull it taut and t wont ‘ruck’ up

^^ Point load vs distributed load

Where was this when I needed it…! Much simpler explanation!

Ooh! Another stitch-bitch… where does your Dad sell his wares? I get a lot of influence from milspec gear, so would love to know more!

I don’t think stretch Cordura will solve the issue though… it is not bunching up, it is just abrading away at his clothes.

My dad (and myself) run a buisness called Crossfire, We are working with Mystery Ranch in the US and manufacturing their backpacks

Yeah might not help, T-shirts are less tough than cams

i’ve got the same pack and have never had this problem, but thinking about it, wonder whether the point load issue is only applicable when using the optional hip belt, but not buckling it up? i don’t use the hip belt, because i find it’s not needed if the pack is packed well with weight close to the back, and results in too much stomach sweat. i imagine that when having the padded belt in the slot it would force the cordura to have much more contact with the back then normal, add to this the slight rocking of the pack when pedalling, especially if the waist belt is not tighetened up, and i imagine it could rub particularly in one spot.
i suggest ditching the waist belt for cycling, and put it back on if you want to hike or something.
(i’ve ridden 1000km with this pack, one merino tshirt and a shitload of stuff and never had an issue)

Dave - what you said (as summarised by P!N20), plus what LAM said.

My gut feel was that the cordura + movement while riding = abrasion (i had the same problem with a studded belt and tshirts when travelling one time - although in that case it was obvious the belt was the problem).

if the OP is not keen to remove the padded belt, you ‘could’ pull it out and sew it over the top of the slot it goes through (permanently attaching it. not sure how feasible that is.

daves ideas make the most sense and are probably the most feasible (especially the first one)

LAM: I’ve have only been using the waistband for the past couple of weeks, so I dont think it’s the main problem. (+ I agree that it isn’t really necessary to ride with the waist belt) I have a feeling because I am of smaller stature the bag is forced to sit low on my back. Rubbing My shirts/clothing against my jeans, causing it to wear out?? I’m really not sure.

nikcee I have no problem removing the waist belt if that is the solution but I don’t believe it is what is causing it. I think covering the Cordura with Air mesh sounds like the best bet if it is possible to do so.

Thanks for everyones suggestions

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