bad boi in camo cx styleezylee

Yeah - I became the poster boy of Canberra CX overnight because the timing system didn’t work for me, recording another DFL. I got an apology email from the race organisers and this was their olive branch.

So because I am famous… there is now a $5.00 fee if you want me to autograph your gumwalls… or $7.50 for both.

Cos baggies flapping in the breeze at same freq as transponder? I like the look of you around that corner, kickin up the dust, about to give it heaps to climb in your massive commuter gear. Champion.

I’m actually surprised you could see me in the pic. Incorrect camo I guess.

EDIT: People need to check out this sand section from the last round… it was brutal.


Love the fact that you are wearing baggies.

I was about to hang shit on him for not being Euro enough, considering it’s a cross race and he is running cantis etc etc!

Shorts and jersey are definitely the hottest look of 2015. Look out for it in this years pro tour.