Bad News

Two cyclists killed as truck hits tandem

Sad news

Far out, that is really sad… two people enjoying a ride and each others company.

yeah, that’s fucked. wonder if the truck veered across the road or vice versa? or if they were turning across traffic etc…

also, it just gets better over at the age!!

Cycling champ Gary Neiwand guilty on obscene exposure counts

Elderly woman fights for life after bike crash in East Melbourne

It hit them head on?
Was he on the wrong side of the road?

ah, that gazza, always up to some kooky kinda mischief.
he’s certainly looking the part these days too.

man, anyone read the paper today. The driver slammed on the brakes and swerved to avoid a dog roaming loose on the road and veered into to cyclists. fucked up story all round it would seem…

oh man, wrong place, wrong time? that sucks for everyone, including the driver :frowning:

Update on the Neiwand case,

Cycling champ Gary Neiwand’s obscene exposure sentence on hold

Outside court Mr Bourke said “don’t touch me” to a news cameraman who was filming a car in which he was leaving, swore at him and said “I’ll knock your head off”.
A heckler yelled at the elderly Mr Bourke: “You couldn’t knock yourself off.”

“Can you finish this off”… what a great pick up line.