Bag retailers in Melbourne

So… I was hit about a month ago, and among other things my bag was ruined.
I had a large barney crumpler, and need a quote to get a new one - except the crumpler really wasnt that great and I’d rather get something a bit nicer, esp the anti sway/securing strap being longer from the rear - the crumpler one is just impractical for me.
I’ve done a bit of searching, but largely either the stores are out of business (smith st skate store) or the ph. number given doesnt work (that I’ve found at least)
anyways… I figure asking is far easier than going through a phone book store by store :slight_smile:

thx in advance ^.^

shouldve said… i’m looking for chrome preferably… My lawyer said that it’s unlikely that i’ll just get cash to purchase a replacement, and it’s easier if the store gives a like for like quote. I guess the paperwork is much easier etc

pretty sure erik at gear brisbane has chrome bags in stock. unless my memory is playing tricks…

i know you said you were looking for chrome but i have the new crumpler fux deluxe and it does the job well.
they fixed up the problems with the strap and i can fit shoes, pants, couple oh shirts, laptop and heaps of books in it nicely
190 i think from smith st

hm, I’ll go in tomoz and have a look at the crumpler store. That was my only major issue with the bag, really

Eriks large Chrome bags are like $160 atm from memory.

i went in and had a look at the new crumplers, the same problem with the strap - the side attached to the bag is too short. I have ~165 to spend, and would rather spend it on something more practical, but need the initial quote, to raise a cheque for that exact store. Kinda gay, really, as I’d rather the cash to buy a bag from where I want

doesnt the crumpler store on smit/gertrude do custom bags? why dont you get a quote for what you want but with a longer strap? im sure they could do it for you if you ask nicey nicey.

chain reaction is the cheapest source for chrome bags

also chrome has some old stock sales from their website, under the back door sale or something. otherwise hit up the messenger community in town to find an old bag for cheap.

i need it for insurance purposes, so cheap isnt exactly relevant, as it’s not me paying, I just need a shop that can quote a crumpler, but sell a chrome.
I had a look at the crumpler store, and tbh I still think their large bags arent great, esp the securing strap being so freaking short, if you’re carrying anything bulky it’s a pita to get to

the ‘bees knees’ are good. but then again they aint no $169.